Anyuan 2

The walking-to-Anyuan image was both popular and malleable. The full-length Mao could be replaced by an enlarged youthful portrait, or the whole scene could be incorporated into a larger design.


It may be coincidental, but the shape of some of the rectanguloid badges is reminiscent of the ancient ya-xing pictogram.

anyuanc5 anyuanrect1 anyuanvert3 anyuanrect2

h.59mm  w. 49mm   15.3g

h. 61mm  w. 46mm   16.4g

h. 63mm  w. 51mm   18.5g

64mm   18.8g

h. 113mm  w. 100mm   79.0g

h. 48mm  w. 44mm   9.4g

ayuanbig youth 2

34mm   3.7g

anyuan 222