Set 3 (partial)

Consistency of design and production indicate that these badges were issued in Beijing as part of a "milestones" series or set. The extent or title of the series is unknown; the inclusion of Shaoshan and Gutian preclude it being a Long March set. The differing metallic hues suggest that these seven  badges originated in at leat two different sets; it was fairly common practise to issue the same set or series in  both gold and silver finishes.

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h. 40mm  w. 40mm  4.8g

h. 41mm  w. 40mm   6.3g

h. 41mm  w. 40mm  6.4g

h. 41mm  w. 40mm   5.9g

h. 40mm  w. 40mm   5.8g

h. 39mm  w. 40mm   5.4g

h. 42mm  w. 40mm   5.6g