Boats 5

On Maozhang the ship of state was almost invariably shown steaming in the same direction as the Chairman's gaze - to the left.

nsb 3 nsb 1 nsb 2 nsb 92 nsb 4 nsb 6 nsb 8 nsb 9 nsb 5 nsb 7 nsb93

h. 27mm  w. 17mm   1.9g

h. 22mm  w. 23mm   2.4g

h. 14mm  w. 25mm   1.5g

h. 27mm  w. 19mm   1.7g

h. 18mm  w. 31mm   2.9g

h. 21mm  w. 33mm   3.4g

h. 18mm  w. 26mm   2.2g

26mm   3.3g

21mm   1.3g

h. 30mm  w. 26mm   2.6g

h. 16mm  w. 25mm   1.9g