Book and flag

Book and flag was a popular combination on small Maozhang. The visual message was often enhanced with other revolutionary symbols. An ear of wheat and a cogwheel represented the peasants and the workers, the inclusion of a globe suggested the international appeal and aspiration of Mao Zedong Thought, while Jinggangshan evoked armed struggle. The sunflowers, unusually paired in this example, were the Chinese people facing their red sun.

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h. 23mm  w. 26mm   2.3g

h.16mm  w. 19mm   0.8g

h. 19mm  w. 26mm   1.8g

h. 19mm  w. 25mm   1.3g

h. 17mm  w. 29mm   1.5g

h. 32mm  w. 24mm   2.9g

h. 26mm  w. 24mm   2.5g