Floral reverse symbols - plum

A traditional symbol of endurance and renewal, the five-petalled plum blossom was readily associated with the five-pointed star of communism and the national flag. The blossom was used - sometimes in bud form, more often as an open flower - to embellish the depression on the reverse of Maozhang as an alternative to the much more common star. The close identification of plum blossom with Mao is exemplified by the badge at right, where the flower has been positioned off-centre directly behind his head.

frev 02

h. 57mm  w. 51mm   14.0g

frev 01 frev 09 frev 14 frev 15 frev 03 frev 04

48mm   8.1g

43mm   6.5g

h. 40mm  w. 35mm   4.8g

h. 54mm  w. 52mm   8.2g

The two badges below contain the same design elements and conform to the same instruction/description.

While the obverses are almost identical, the flowers on the reverse are noticeably different.

42mm   7.4g

42mm   7.1g