Floral reverse symbols - sunflower

The shape of the sunflower was entirely suited to the circular depression on the reverse of many maozhang, although the flowerhead could also be stretched to fit an elongated depression. The interior of the flower was usually infilled with fine cross-hatching, in imitation of nature, although more stylized infilling was also employed. In a few instances the flowerhead was depicted side-on, or was used in miniature.

frev 05 frev 06 frev 10 frev 13 frev 16 frev 11 frev 07 frev 08

36mm   5.5g

38mm   5.4g

47mm   8.6g

46mm   8.0g

The two badges below have identical obverses, and were almost certainly made in the same factory. However, the treatment of the sunflower on the reverse differs considerably.

41mm   6.0g

40mm   6.2g

28mm   2.3g

28mm   2.4g