Great Hall 2

There are many conference halls within the Great Hall, the largest of which is the Great Auditorium that can seat 10,000 people's representatives. Badges issued in conjunction with the Ninth National Congress (1-24 April 1969) often show the Great Hall alongside the houseboat where the First National Congress (23-31 July 1921) was concluded.

2gh4 2gh6 gh9 build 1st and 9th

h. 38mm  w. 35mm   4.8g

h. 35mm  w. 32mm   4.7g

h. 34mm  w. 32mm   3.2g

55mm   11.3g

h. 38mm  w. 36mm   5.5g

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h. 39mm  w. 36mm   5.7g

h. 38mm  w. 36mm   5.5g