Gutian 2

The badge at right was issued by PLA unit 4040 to commemorate their mparticipation in the fifth Mao Zedong Thought Activists Congress. The reverse inscription also proclaims that, "The resolutions of the Gutian Conference will shine forever".

On the badge below left, Gutian is visually associated with Jinggangshan and numerous red flags.

gutian rightist gutian 01 bset gutian gutian text - Copy

44mm   7.3g

h. 48mm  w. 46mm   10.6g

h. 57mm  w. 56mm   14.7g

h. 41mm  w. 40mm   5.9g

In contrast to the examples above the badge at left, which is from a "milestones" set, depicts the conventional and presumably more easily recognisable view of the Gutian meeting site.