Heart-shaped badges, with or without the Chairman's portrait, almost invariably reinforce their morphic message with a prominent "loyalty" character.

heart3 37  41  5.1g heart5 33  32  1.6g

h. 33mm  w. 32mm   1.6g

h. 37mm  w. 41mm   5.1g

heart beeg heart ss3 heart beegest heart ss2 heart ss4

h. 29mm  w. 32mm   1.0g

hard plastic

h. 68mm  w. 67mm   3.8g

flexible plastic

h. 44mm  w. 42mm   6.5g

h. 35mm  w. 34mm   1.8g

hard plastic

h. 23mm  w. 23mm   1.4g

h. 53mm  w. 51mm  13.5g

heart ss1