Loyalty was ubiquitous during the Cultural Revolution. Everyone wanted to be seen to be loyal, even if they were in violent conflict with each other.

In general, Maozhang were typographically very conservative, with inscriptions in standard characters or reproducing well-known calligraphy. The glaring exception was the character for loyalty, which proved to be remarkably mutable when used as a design element - there was a notable tendency for the character to become more symmetrical, and for its angularity to be smoothed into curves.

loy3 strangestria loy 8a loy8 loy5 loy6 loy d loy4

45mm   7.9g

46mm   8.2g

24mm   2.0g

44mm   7.6g

45mm   6.5g

45mm   6.6g

40mm   5.8g

28mm   3.2g