Mountain and Torch

The association between the torch (revolutionary fire) and Jinggangshan was commonplace in Cultural Revolution-era graphics. Although the symbolic message was clear it was so generalised that the same design (and probably the same obverse die) was considered appropriate on Maozhang issued for varied reasons, from simple expressions of loyalt to commemorating the 20th anniversary of victory in the Liao-Shen battle.

ytorch 3 ytorch 1 ytorch 4 ytorch 2 ytorch 5

h. 34mm  w. 32mm   3.7g

h. 34mm  w. 32mm   3.3g

h. 34mm  w. 32mm   3.5g

For badges by the same Liaoning-based designer/studio see: Red Lantern

h. 34mm  w. 32mm   4.9g

h. 34mm  w. 32mm   3.0g

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