Tropic Shores

The distinctive outline of the coconut palm is emblematic of tropical coastlines and islands. When combined with military imagery and the inscription, "The Great Wall", (as on the badge below left) the message is clear. Just as the physical Great Wall once protected the north of China from attack the whole nation, along the full length of its land and sea borders, is now protected by a "Great Wall" made up of the People's Liberation Army and the people in the form of local militias (as shown on the badge below right).

palm2 tropic Copy of tropical palms1

42mm   7.7g

42mm   6.4g

18mm   0.8g

The theme of an extended Great Wall is illustrated on the reverse of this star-shaped badge from Haikou.

The palm trees on the right are counterbalanced by some rather flat-struck mountain on the left.

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