Plastic 2

Transparent plastic protected paper photographs of Mao from the elements.

Photographic or non-photographic images could be applied to opaque plastic by transfer printing, and these images could also be protected by transparent plastic - with varying degrees of success.

plas18 plas01 plas02 plas04 plas06 plas05 plas03 plas25

58mm   8.2g

58mm   8.2g

50mm   8.3g

53mm   8.0g

42mm   1.9g

48mm   3.4g

45mm   5.0g

45mm   4.4g

Badges made of white plastic emulated those made of porcelain; and plastic could also be tinted a pale brown to look like bamboo.

The two badges below are of the soft plastic "air cushion" variety. Their rounded profile is maintained by the pressure of trapped air. The example on the right has become misshapen through deflation.