Peasant Training Movement Institute 2

37mm   5.3 g

On some badges, including those made in Guangzhou itself, the trees in the Institute courtyard have a broad-leaved appearance with branches radiating upward and outward from the trunks (as at right); while on other badges they are quite clearly palm trees.

ptm5  37mm   5.3g peas inst 03c peas inst 1aa peasant exhib peas inst 02b

h. 54mm  w. 53mm   13.9g

40mm   5.6g

45mm   3.8g

36mm   5.0g

ptm4  40mm   6.3g treecrop

The badge below combines an unusually stylized version of the Institute's gateway with Mao's calligraphy of

"A single spark can start a prairie fire" - a slogan that was retrospectively associated with the Institute.

This plastic badge has the Institute gateway in the foreground behind which is the newly constructed Mao Zedong Advocated Peasant Institute Exhibition Hall - one of many exhibition halls established during the Cultural Revolution.