Prior portraits

During the early 1950s some locally-produced badges, such as those supporting the "Resist the US, Aid Korea" campaign, featured a flat profile portrait of Mao that was simplified to the point of being a visual mnemonic rather than a likeness. The same portrait style was also used for Mao and Stalin on the membership badges of the short-lived Sino-Soviet Friendship Association. The style improved as the decade progressed, but was for the most part replaced by portraits in relief.

priorport 4 priorport 1 priorport 2 priorport 3

38mm   8.9g

1951 copper

h. 20mm  w. 24mm   2.6g

serial: 017442  white metal

35mm   6.6g

1954 copper

35mm   5.3g

1951 copper