August First Film Studio

These seven badges form part of a ten-badge set issued by the People's Liberation Army August First Film Studio. The complete set has two further badges of the same size as those illustrated here and one very large (130mm) badge that formed the "centrepiece". The portraits are fairly unremarkable, although the fur-collared image is unusual, but each badge was given a different arrangement of sunray striations; also note the consistent diameter and considerable variation in weight.

Since its establisment in 1951, the August First Film Studio (also known as Bayi Film Studio) has produced more than 2,000 films.

aug 1 a aug 1 b aug 1 c aug 1 d aug 1 e aug 1 f aug 1 g

48mm   8.1g

48mm   7.0g

48mm   9.5g

48mm   11.0g

48mm   9.4g

48mm   8.4g

48mm   10.1g