Shaoshan 2

Shaoshan became imbued with tremendous symbolic power. As Mao's birthplace it was also, by extension, the birthplace of his writings, the Communist Party, and the 9th National Congress. Despite its significance, which was perhaps equal to that of Tiananmen, Shaoshan became increasingly abstracted and isolated. Through accident and/or design, Shaoshan evolved into a flat, two-dimensional icon.

shaoplum shao2book 38mm   5.6 shao2walls 36mm   4.4 shao2windows 32mm   3.9 shao2isol 39mm   4.5 shao22d 40mm   5.5

38mm   5.6g

h. 60mm  w. 58mm     14.0g

36mm   4.4g

32mm   3.9g

39mm   4.5g

40mm   5.5g