Smallest - plain metal

Insofar as there were "standard" sizes for Maozhang the 15-18mm circular badges were the smallest, and they were manufactured in large quantities. For reasons of cost, time, or aesthetics, many of these were issued in a variety of anodised metallic hues without the addition of any red colour. These smallest plain metal badges invariably have a stippled background surrounding the Chairman's portrait.

smb09 smb12

18mm   1.1g

15mm   0.9g

15mm   0.8g

smb01 smb03 smb08 smb06 smb02 smb04 smb07 smb10 smb11

17mm   1.0g

17mm   0.9g

16mm   0.9g

16mm   0.8g

16mm   0.8g

18mm   1.2g

17mm   1.0g

16mm   0.6g

17mm   1.0g

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