Three sunflowers

Three sunflowers are associated with the 1968-69 "Three Loyalties" campaign - loyalty to Chairman Mao, loyalty to Mao Zedong Thought, and loyalty to Chairman Mao's revolutionary line.

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h. 48mm  w.  44mm   7.4g

h. 36mm   w. 32mm  2.9g

h. 46mm  w.  44mm   9.6g  

37mm   3.8g

39mm   5.7g

39mm   6.2g

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The symbolic relationship between sunflowers and the Chinese people is made explicit in this illustration from the 1971 lianhuanhua Red Mountain Island. Through the window we can see fully grown sunflowers (with realistically drooping heads) turned towards the shining sun; inside the room a mixed group of adults look upwards at a portrait of Chairman Mao.