Tiananmen Reverses

Tiananmen, emblematic of central authority and the People's Republic, is usually depicted on the obverse of badges either below or alongside Mao's portrait. In some cases, generally on commemorative badges, it was used as a reverse symbol either alone or with other motifs e.g. sunrays, flags, stars, hammer and sickle.


The badge at left (from a set of nine issued by Songlin Revolutionary Committee) has the obverse inscription,

"A single spark can start a prairie fire"; the reverse is inscribed "Jinggangshan" and a line from Mao's poem, "The foe encircles us thousands strong".

tian rev 3 tian rev 2 tian rev 1 zhenbao2 7 march recep

h. 39mm  w. 36mm   5.3g

Commemorating the Zhenbao Island incident

Commemorating the January Revolution and the success of the Ninth National Congress

h. 37mm  w. 35mm  3.7g

h. 43mm  w. 43mm   6.1g

Commemorating the Ninth National Congress

40mm   5.8g

50mm   12.0g

Commemorating Mao receiving a PLA artillery unit

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