Vicissitudes 2

124mm   68.6g


Apart from its large size, this battered relic is notable for the contrast in its design elements. While the Chairman's figure appears as usual in high relief, the background details were rendered in thin low-relief lines by an engraver with little artistic ability. Clockwise from Mao's left shoulder: balloons and a banner reading, "Long Live the Chinese Communist Party", Tiananmen, a huabiao pillar (not vertically aligned with Tiananmen), a sea of red flags, the Nanjing bridge over the Changjiang with a ship passing beneath one of the arches, hills with cave dwellings (but no pagoda or bridge), balloons and a banner reading, "Long Live Chairman Mao", and a mushroom cloud.


65mm   16.8g

The badge at left depicts Mao against a landscape of flags and mountains reaching to the Changjiang, which is shown to be crossed by two bridges; beyond the river there is nothing.

The obverse inscription reads, "But man's world is mutable";

on the reverse is the slogan, "Carry through the revolution to the end" and the name of the issuing authority, the revolutionary committee of Xiamen (Amoy) in Fujian Province.

This large plastic badge features a "condensed" version of the painting.

Note that the red silhouette of Tiananmen on the horizon is absent from the original.

The obverse has the inscription, "Long Live Chairman Mao" in low relief.

64mm   15.3g

Hard plastic

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