wenge zhang - Shaoshan

Mao's birthplace - a peasant and very rural dwelling in Hunan - was the most popular of the revolutionary sacred sites and was widely celebrated, not least on Maozhang. Shaoshan's image was to a degree self-perpetuating, the Shaoshan Badge Factory became the largest and longest-lived source of Maozhang.

w8 w8r shao1r shao1 shao2r shao2 shao3r shao3

h. 16mm  w. 28mm   1.5g

h. 14mm  w. 24mm   0.9g

h. 14mm w. 24mm   0.9g

h. 14mm  w. 24mm   1.0g

Not Identical

Initially copied from a photograph, the conventional view of the Mao family home against a backdrop of hills was endlessly, but not mechanically, repeated. Slight variations, most noticeable in the size and location of windows, demonstrate the hand-made individuality of the obverse dies that produced these three versions of the same badge.