This former warlord's residence at Zunyi has become enshrined as one of the "Big Five" revolutionary sacred sites. The CCP politburo held a conference here 15-17th January 1935 to discuss the progress of what became known as the Long March (which had begun in October 1934). According to the "official" version, the Zunyi Conference was a pivotal event that established Mao as the de facto leader of the Party and the Red Army. What actually happened at Zunyi, and who exactly attended the meeting, has been the subject of considerable debate. What is clear is that the conference decided on a formal shift in military strategy. Positional warfare (capturing and holding important urban centres) was denounced and abandoned; the "correct" line was a return to mobile warfare and guerilla tactics. The leadership structure was reviewed and rearranged, with Mao and his supporters and allies promoted, while those who opposed his policies declined in influence.

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